Acadia Outings

I’ve lost track of visits to Acadia, which is not surprising given that my home is adjacent to the national park. Plus, I worked there. Here are snippets from a few outings, including my first.

One favorite walk, among many at Acadia National Park, is Beech Mountain. Several trails access the mountain, so the walk is always varied. The views from the summit are expansive. The fire tower adds interest. And it can be quick and easy.

“Dot” enjoys the view from Beech Mountain. (31 Aug 1991)
Son and mother at mountain top.
My mother and I celebrate her 70th Birthday. (08 Aug 1991)

I kept the latter thought in mind when, at my mom’s 70th birthday party, I said, “let’s go for a walk in the park.” Mother was always willing to go on an adventure, so we hopped in the car. After parking and starting up the trail, she turned to me: “Are we climbing a mountain? I can’t do that!” I replied that slow and easy would be the approach, we could turn back any time she wished. Of course, we went to the top, and we were both very proud. I still am.

Beech Mountain summit with Meg and Pat. (14 Jul 2018)
Bruce and “Rick” Jacobson at Beech Cliffs, Acadia National Park (1961).
Beech Mountain Walks

Expansive views, mossy forest trails, and a short walk to share with friends.

Acadia Mountain

Always a favorite for exercise with friends and views of Somes Sound.

My First Acadia Visit

My first Acadia NP visit during a 1961 Maine family vacation.

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Beech Mountain trail map notations by Joe Braun, “Beech Mountain (Beech Mountain Loop, Valley Trail)” at Joe’s Guide to Acadia National Park ( : accessed 02 Jul 2019), used by permission.

Video of Beech Mountain panorama by Margaret Scheid, rights reserved.

Photo of Bruce and “Rick” Jacobson by Dorothy H. P. Jacobson,.

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