National Parks Visited

Wherever I go, I like to visit significant natural areas and historic sites. I have memories from visits to more than 150 national parks in 8 countries.

There are 424 units in the U.S. National Park System, with 19 designations for natural and cultural sites. I recall visiting more than 130 NPS units.

Sweden established its first national parks in 1909, which were the first in Europe. There are now 30. I visited Tivedens Nationalpark in 2018.

Swedish flag.

National parks in Great Britain include large landscapes. I visited several English and Scottish national parks in 1969.

National flag of the United Kingdom.

Indonesia has 53 national parks. I went hiking in the only one on Bali island, West Bali National Park, in 199x. 

Flag of Indonesia.

There are 23 national parks in Poland. I went hiking, boating, and camping in one: Tatra National Park

Polish national flag.

Portugal has one national park. Other designated natural areas encompass 12 natural parks, 9 natural reserves, 5 natural monuments, and 7 protected landscapes. In 2017, I visited five sites on São Miguel Island. 

Flag of Portugal.

Parks Canada distinguishes between national parks and national historic sites. I’ve visited 17 Canadian parks, including 1 affiliated area.

National flag of Canada.

Header image by Parks Canada.

Last Updated on 3 April 2024.