Bruce Jacobson
(NPS photo)

Walk in the Footsteps at l’île Sainte-Croix

I led management planning for Saint Croix Island International Historic Site, including a long-range interpretive plan. One result was a “Walk in the Footsteps” interpretive trail, where six trail figures and a village replica produced in bronze were installed with associated interpretive panels. All interpretive text is in French and English. The team implementing the interpretation proposed in the plan did a fantastic job!

The overall theme for the international historic site was Saint Croix Island: Lessons in Adaptation. The interpretive trail utilizes several forms of interpretive media, focused on the first two of the site’s three interpretive themes listed below, with their sub-theme titles.

Theme 1 – French Settlement on Saint Croix Island 1604-05 (70% emphasis).

  • Meeting of Two Worlds
  • A Short-Lived Settlement
  • The Legacy of St. Croix Island

Theme 2 – Context for the Saint Croix Island Settlement
(25% emphasis).

  • Native Homeland
  • European Beginnings in This Region
  • Acadia and New France

Theme 3 – Saint Croix Island Through the Years (5% emphasis).

As implemented, the trail conforms with the concept outlined in the plan. Several other actions called for in the interpretive plan have been implemented including developing a regional visitor center in downtown Calais, Maine, with interactive exhibits about Saint Croix Island, constructing a visitor contact station/ranger station at the National Park Service site in Red Beach, Maine.

Following plan acceptance, I managed the design of exhibits in a downtown visitor center and wrote some exhibit panel text for the on-site visitor contact station. All steps in planning and implementation were coordinated with Parks Canada, which manages a sister international historic site in New Brunswick, across the St. Croix River.

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