The Shed Game

I was fascinated by the trailers used by a Maine firm to deliver two sheds and a garage to Hodgdon Road. They had two sets of wheels for highway travel. That’s normal. BUT, in addition there were two short axles perpendicular to the highway set, with four more wheels, which allowed the trailer to move sideways.  A pedestal allowed the load to be turned around, front to back. All was powered by hydraulics, which also tipped and delivered the buildings with precision. Got into some really tight spots in my yard, as seen in the photos.

Three galleries of Hodgdon Road outbuildings.

Always wanted a woodshed,but never got around to building one. So, I bought one! Made in Pennsylvania and delivered via an ingenious trailer.

Storage Shed

And that worked so well in 2011, I bought another in 2013. This time it replaced a run-down storage shed, which Thom Y. and I removed in 2012, and involved moving the existing garden shed to make room.

Jeep Garage

During the winter of 2017-2018, I decided I could not keep my canvas-top Jeep unprotected from deep snow. So, one more building was delivered to Hodgdon Road on a magic trailer.

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Last Updated on 23 June 2022.