National Park Planner

I formed strong relationships at Acadia National Park, where I was Chief of Planning & Land Resources. Other NPS planning positions allowed me to become involved in national parks throughout the Northeast (e.g. Saint Croix Island International Historic Site and Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller Historical Park). Working with residents of the St. John Valley was particularly rewarding—a website has been created by the Acadian Archives from a report to Congress I authored, with others, about Maine Acadian Culture. At Boston Harbor Islands I guided creation of the park’s first management, interpretive, and strategic plans.

Nation-wide experiences included serving on the NPS Partnership Council, teaching in NPS Fundamentals courses, and helping create the NPS Urban Agenda.

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Photo courtesy of National Park Service shows park staff at the Park Street headquarters in Bar Harbor. George B. Dorr is front center, right.

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