Country Dance

I began square dancing when I was age 11, at the invite of David Maciorowski, and danced regularly through high school and college. As the “Milford Teen Twirlers,” 8 to 10 of us danced in Southern Connecticut every week. While U of M students, George, Nancy, and I were regulars at Western Montana dances—with matching shirts and holstered towels!  When I moved briefly back to Connecticut after university I attended a few square dances, but they were not much fun without my younger buddies. Then, I discovered contra dancing upon moving to Maine in 1977 and have been a convert ever since.

About 30 years ago I attended a “gay” Portland contra dance. Chris Riccioti was the caller that night, and I learned that he organized regular Boston dances. In the Boston Gender Free dances I found “my people.”

Fifty-five years after my first lesson I’m still dancing.

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